Chief Justice Visits Retired Judicial Officers and a Retired Administrator

Retired Chief Justice Msosa (in the middle) flanked by Chief Justice Mzikamanda, SC (left) and the Chief Courts Administrator, Mrs. Chikagwa (right)

In a bid to continue efforts of enhancing the spirit of inclusiveness in the Judiciary, the Honourable Chief Justice Rizine R. Mzikamanda, SC visited some retired judicial officers and a retired member of staff of the Judiciary. The visits took place on 9th and 10th April, 2024 in Blantyre.

On 9th April 2024 the Chief Justice visited retired Chief Justice Anastasia Msosa, retired Deputy Chief Courts Administrator, Mr. Glyn Chimbamba, retired Justice of Appeal Anaclet Chipeta and retired Chief Justice Leonard Unyolo.

On 10th April, 2024 the Chief Justice visited retired Justice of Appeal Anatazio K. Tembo, retired Judge of the High Court Maclean Kamwambe and retired Justice of Appeal Duncan Tambala.

During the visits, Chief Justice Mzikamanda, SC observed that the retired officers were still part and parcel of the Judiciary and as such they should be free to participate in and attend functions of the Judiciary as and when required, as some already do. The Chief Justice explained that the retired officers were a rich fountain of knowledge and wisdom from which the Judiciary would continue tapping from time to time.

Chief Justice Mzikamanda, SC used the visits to update the retired officers on some of the developments that have taken place in the Judiciary including the creation of more specialised High Court Divisions (which are Civil; Criminal; Commercial; Family and Probate, Revenue and Financial Crimes Divisions), launch of a Judiciary cloth and resumption of the publication of Judiciary Annual Reports.

Each one of the officers expressed gratitude for being paid a visit by the Chief Justice. They said that they felt honoured and humbled by the gesture from the highest office in the Judiciary.

Chief Justice Mzikamanda, SC wished each of the visited officers continued good health and happy retirement.

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